Seatbelt victims

Sean Barber Trapped by belt when car went into river. Rescued as water reached chin. Daily Mail,12 Feb., 1983
Jason O'Connor Drowned when car went into canal. Greenford & Northolt Gazette, 3-6-83
Karen Anderson Drowned when car overturned into water-filled ditch Evening Standard, 10-3-83
Terence Hudson Badly burned in car fire. Seatbelt release jammed. Daily Mirror, 2-3-83
Carols McKenna Drowned. Car overturned in Fenland dyke. Eastern Daily Press, 30-6-83
Robert Merchant Escaped from car when seatbelt burned through but died from burns. Birmingham Post, 24-4-84.
Reginald Meggie Died in burning car. Rescuers could not release belt. Buckinghamshire Advertiser, 5-12-84.
Unnamed woman, aged 73, from Watford. Trapped by belt when car went into R. Lyde. Rescued as water reached her face. Daily Express, 2-10-84
Ian Hunter Trapped by belt as car overturned in flooded field. Rescued by PC who held his head above water. Daily Telegraph, 13-2-84
Karen Bilsborough Trapped by belt after car crashed on to railway line. Sunday Express, 28-10-84
Lynn Fearon Died in burning car. Rescuer could not release belt. Retford Times, 13-4-84.
Peter Swearbrick Escaped from burning car as belt burned through. Sunday Express, 10-2-85
Timothy Weedon Cut from belt. Car overturned in flooded river. Weekend, 21-8-85 & Sun. Telegraph, 25-11-84
Paul Baxter Trapped by seatbelt when car overturned into canal. Standard, 1-2-84
Unnamed woman, age 33, from Plymouth. Drowned when car overturned into R. Plym. Daily Mail & Daily Express, 9-4-85.
Susan Ions & Richard Jones Drowned when car overturned into R. Wey. Daily Express & Daily Telegraph, 10-9-84
David Thomas Windpipe pierced in accident when belt pressed top of anorak zip into throat. Henley Standard, 30-11-84
Christopher Smith Went through windscreen. Neck & throat almost sliced in two as seatbelt pulled him back. Wolverhampton Express & Star, 4-3-85
Katie Robinson (age 6 months) Rescued with difficulty after car overturned in pond Daily Star & Daily Mali, 3-1-85
Sandra Garrett Trapped by belt in fire when ignition was switched on. Wolverhampton Express & Star, 18-5-85.
Lynne Thompson Drowned when car went into lake Sun. Telegraph 8-12-85 & Sheffield Morning Telegraph 9-12-85
James Steele Impact of belt on chest may have caused death, said coroner. Newbury Weekly News, 4-4-85.
Daniel Oliffa Trapped in burning car. Died. Croydon Advertiser, 13-12-85.
John Clapham Trapped by belt in burning car. Belt cut by rescuer. Daily Telegraph, 29-l0-85
Frank Kirk Car overturned in flooded dyke. Cut from belt just before drowning. Sunday Express,29-l0-85.
Monica Wilton Awarded damages for effect on breast of belt in accident.Daily Mail, 18-5-85
Unnamed man & womanObserved burning to death as they struggled to undo belts during M6 pile-up. Sun, 22-10-85, & Daily Telegraph, 23-l0-85
Ann Turner With leg broken, hung suspended by belt until rescued after car had overturned. Daily Express, 19-5-86
Paul Amer During crash seatbelt triggered seat reclining lever. Died of trauma to the brain. Watford & W. Herts. Review, 17-7-86
Thomas Hardy Throat cut by belt when involved in crash. Leamimgton Spa Courier, 24-4-86
Unnamed man Trapped by belt in car fire. Rescued by Roger Cooper of Bliston. Wolverhampton Express & Star, 31-7-86
Mark Grimmer Rescued from blazing car by man who cut the belt. Beccles & Bungay Journal, 10-10-86
Anne Harris Trapped by belt in blazing car. Died. Daily Express, 12-3-87
Peter Sturton Internal injuries caused by impact of belt. Died. Croydon Advertiser, 26-12-86
Asbe Tankaria (age 20 months) Trapped in seatbelt when parked car burst into flames. 40% burns. Daily Express, 19-3-87.
Ronald Meredith Impact on belt points pulled him into damaged metal. Died. Walsall Observer, 15-5-87.
Tanya Raweon (age 4) Car burst into flames after ignition switch-on. Mother unable to release child's belt. London E. Standard 14-8-87; Daily Express, 15-8-87
Unnamed man Asphyxiating in overturned car & hanging by the belt. Daily Telegraph, Dec.87
Hr. Howell, his father-in-law & mother-in-law. Trapped in belts in burning car. All three died. Daily Express,31-12-87
Mark Dolby Doctors feared seatbelt caused injury to transplanted heart lungs and liver. Daily Mirror, 21-1-88
James Arnold & Hilde Arnold Trapped by belts when car burst into flames after collision. Both died. Birmingham Evening Mail 27-1-88 & Lichfield Mercury 29-1-88.
Leonard Steer Head-on collision. Chest crushed by belt. Died Wolverhampton Express & Star 20-2-88
Brian Saggers Semi-conscious and choking on seatbelt after accident. Worthing Guardian 25-2-88
Michael Beeforth (age 9) Spinal cord broken in accident when younger although strapped to back seat. Lower body paralysed. Awarded 575,000 damages. Daily Telegraph 28-4-88
Geoffrey Cosserat Trapped by belt in overturned car emitting smoke and leaking petrol. Rescued by passing gardener using knife. Daily Express & Daily Telegraph 28-5-88
Joan Jones (age 68) Hanging for 10 mins in overturned car with petrol leaking over her. Rescued by firemen. Sunday Express 29-5-88
Susan Jones & three daughters: Michelle (15), Colecte (12), Siobhan (9) Incinerated beyond recognition in car fire. Heat forced back police who had cut Mr. Jones from his seat with a Stanley knife.Daily Express 18-8-88
Gordon McKandie Trapped by belt when car plunged into river. Rescued. Sunday Express 5-3-89
Louise Bumford Trapped by belt in submerged car. Breathed from air pocket until rescued. Daily Mail, D.Express, & D.Telegraph 14-3-89
Clive Exton Seathelt ruptured spleen in accident. Collapsed 8 days later & died. Today & D. Telegraph 20-4-89
Sarah Rothwell (5) and Lucy Rothwell (7) Sarah died from broken back Leamington Spa & Lucy from broken neck when parents' car hit on rear side by another car. Observer 30-11-89
Kevin Brady Trapped by seatbelt when car plunged into canal. Water up to chin when rescued. Wolverhampton Express & Star 15-12-89. Also D. Express 16-12-89.
Grant Ellis Died in post-crash fire. Rescuers trying to cut belt driven back by heat. Wolverhampton Express & Star 27-1-90.
Mr. Bharwaj & Mrs. Bharwaj Collision between Mini and Escort. Escort occupants injured on shoulders & hips by seatbelts. Wolverhampton Express & Star 4-5-90
Susan & Handy Nicholls Suspended upside-down by belts after car overturned. Rib & back injuries. Wolverhampton Express & Star 11-10-90
John Blamchflower Suffered unspecified "seatbelt injuries" in junction collision. Wolverhampton Express & Star 11-10-90
Handy Walker Lost unborn twins through stomach injuries caused by seatbelt. Daily Mail 14-1-91
Teresa Garner (20) Injuries caused by belt caused internal bleeding. Died 15 days after crash. (Birmingham inquest report) Daily Telegraph 2-7-91
Caroline Thompson (31) Pregnant. Died from possible belt injuries in "turning right" RTA. Eastern Daily Press & London E. Standard, March 92.
Rik Jardine Lost control. Went over bridge into water. Trapped by belt. Drowned. Daily Mail 10-4-92
Pamela Hillier (60) Crushed against belt in Ford Sierra when hit from behind at 90 m.p.h. Bournemouth Coroner. Times, 4-3-93

NOTE. These cases have been gathered from press reports sent in by individuals, so are only the "tip of the iceberg".

Only reports which specifically mention the seatbelt have been included in this list. In many other press reports the seatbelt could be assumed to be blameworthy or to have made matters worse.

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